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After The Music Fades

Lyrics Of The Song After The Music Fades

Song ID 120

Lord take me from this place into a world that has no time no hurries no worries gladly i leave them all behind down here im letting go and drawing near i wanna sing i wanna fly i wanna see from your side of the sky i wanna love i wanna stay wanna be close to you long after the music fades Lord i come to give you much more than just a melody please take me and break me right now God i dont want to leave unchanged i never wanna be the same ch cause Lord you are mighty awesome righteous gracious knowing in me overflowing father teacher master leader jealous loving you are and you make me ch2x you are life you are love you are everything that im needing repeat you are life i wanna be you are love i wanna be you are everything that im needing i wanna be closer repeat 4x

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