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All I Have Is Christ

Lyrics Of The Song All I Have Is Christ

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hal le g lu d jah all i a have is bm christ hal le g lu bm jah Jesus a is my d life d i once was a lost in d darkest g night yet thought i a knew the d way the sin that a promised d joy and g life had led me a to the d grave i had no a hope that you would bm own a rebel g to your d will and if you em had not loved me bm first i would g refuse you a still d but as i ra a n my hel d l bound g race indifferent a to the d cost you looked u a pon my d helpless g state and led me a to the d cross and i beh a eld Gods love dis bm played you suffered g in my d place you bore th em e wrath reserved bm for me now all g i know is a grace d now Lord i a would be d yours a g lone and live so a all might d see the strength to a follow d your com g mands could never a come from d me oh father a use my ransomed bm life in any g way you d choose and let my em song forever bm be my only g boast is a you

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