Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics Although the Fools Say with Their Mouth

Although the Fools Say with Their Mouth

Lyrics Of The Song Although the Fools Say with Their Mouth

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the mouth of fools doth God confess but while their lips draw nigh him their heart is full of wickedness and all their deeds deny him corrupt are they and every one abominable works hath done there is not one welldoer the Lord looked down from his high towr on all mankind below him to see if any owned his powr and truly sought to know him who all their understanding bent to search his holy word intent to do his will in earnest but none there was who walked with God for all aside had slidden delusive paths of folly trod and followed lusts forbidden not one there was who practiced good and yet they deemed in haughty mood their deeds must surely please him how long by folly blindly led will ye oppress the needy and eat my people up like bread so fierce are ye and greedy in God they put no trust at all nor will on him in trouble call but be their own providers therefore their heart is never still a falling leaf dismays them God is with him who doth his will who trusts him and obeys him but ye the poor mans hope despise and laugh at him een when he cries that God is his sure comfort who shall to israels outcast race from zion bring salvation God will himself at length show grace and loose the captive nation that will he do by christ their king let jacob then be glad and sing and israel be joyful

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