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Beautiful One

Lyrics Of The Song Beautiful One

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d wonderful so e wonderful is a c your unfailing love your d cross has spoken e mercy over f m7 me no d eye has seen no e ear has heard no a c heart could fully know how d glorious how e beautiful you a are beautiful d one i l e ove beautiful d one i a e dore beautiful d one my e soul must a sing d powerful so p e owerful you a c r glory fills the skies your d mighty works dis e played for f m7 all to see the d beauty of your e majesty awa a c kes my heart to sing how d marvelous how e wonderful you a are youve d opened my eyes to your wo e nders anew you ca d ptured my heart with this e love cause not d hing on earth is as beaut e iful as a you my soul m d y soul e must sing my soul m d y soul e must sing my soul m d y soul e must sing beautiful d one e a

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