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Favour covers me

Lyrics Of The Song Favour covers me

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when theres war outside i have peace inside favour covers me when its casting down i keep rising higher favour covers me though theres famine in the land but when i sow i reap large favour covers me before the needs ever arise more than enough is supplied favour covers me pre chorus cos im seated seated seated in the heavenly place high and high and above worldly influence im a rising star always im a shining light always cos favour covers me Gods favour covers me im winning everyday im joyful come what may cos favour covers me Gods favour covers me im not struggling im just prospering im blessed im blessed and highly favoured in the midst of strife i dont have to fight favour covers me theres a feast prepared and haters can only stare cos favour covers me im preferred wherever i go when i talk its like i know it all favour covers me im a blessing everywhere im a sought out and the head favour covers me outro you surrounded me with favour and you covered me with glory so i wont say im sorry for this blessed life im living there is nothing that i did to deserve these many blessings its your favor its your favor its not fair its not fair

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