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For You To Move

Lyrics Of The Song For You To Move

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a yo d u f m are e worthy Lord so holy artist of the sky strength and power yours forever one day all will cry youre our savior our great creator majesty on high abba father to you we surrender lifting up our eyes a we e r f m e as d king you to move shake the ground below let your spirit flow and turn our desperate hearts to you were asking you to move reveal to us the light open up our eyes and turn our desperate hearts to you a yo d u f m are e faithful you are able to raise the fallen man it is finished was your sentence what a perfect plan youre the author and perfecter end what you began in you we live and find our being and by your cross we stand f m wer d e a ga e thered in this place seeking out your face wont you show Lord were covered by your grace and we long for your embrace we are restless till we rest in you

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