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Give Me Your Eyes

Lyrics Of The Song Give Me Your Eyes

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ebm looked down from a broken sky b traced out by the city lights f my world from a mile high c f best seat in the house tonight ebm touched down on the cold black tile b hold on for the sudden stop f breathe in the familiar shock c f of confusion and chaos ebm are those people g b oing somewhere g m why have i never cared ebm give me your eyes for just one second give me your b eyes so i can see everything f that i keep missing give me your c f love for humanity give me your ebm arms for the broken hearted the ones that are b far beyond my reach give me your f heart for the ones forgotten give me your ey c f es so i can see ebm step out on a busy street b see a girl and our eyes meet f does her best to smile at me c f to hide whats underneath ebm theres a man just to her right b black suit and a bright red tie f too ashamed to tell his wife c f hes out of work hes buying time ebm are those people g b oing somewhere g m why have i never cared ive been there a million times a couple of million eyes just move and pass me by i swear i never thought that i was wrong well i want a second glance just give me a second chance to see the way youve seen the people all along

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