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He Lifted Me Out

Lyrics Of The Song He Lifted Me Out

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i was out on the broadway of sin and despair crushed neath my burden of sorrow and care my constant companions were trouble and doubt til Jesus reached down and lifted me out he lifted me out of the deep miry clay he settled my feet on the straight narrow way he lifted me up to a heavenly place and floodeth my soul each day with his grace i was wandring afar from my savior and home fainting and weary in sin i did roam i needed a hand to turn me about then Jesus reached down and lifted me out i was building my home on the dry shifting sand casting my lot in a cold barren land youre doomed now for aye i heard satan shout but Jesus reached down and lifted me out i have started for heaven my heart filled with song wandering is over my sins are all gone for Jesus own blood cleansed within and without o praise his dear name he lifted me out

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