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Heart Of Worship

Lyrics Of The Song Heart Of Worship

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w e hen the music fades b all is stripped awa a y and i simply co bsus me b l e onging just to bring b something tha a ts of worth that will bless your h bsus eart b i f m ll bring you m e g ore than a song b for a song in itself f m is not what e g you have require b d y f m ou search much d e eeper with b in through the way things appear f m youre looking e g into my hear b t i e m coming back to the hea b rt of worship and its a f m ll about you its a a ll about you b Jesus i e m sorry Lord for the thi b ng ive made it when its a f m ll about you its a a ll about yo b u Jesus k e ing of endless wort b h no one could ex a press how much you dese bsus rve b t e hough im weak and poo b r all i have is y a ours every single br bsus eath b

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