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How Many Kings

Lyrics Of The Song How Many Kings

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c follow the star to a place unexpected am am would you believe after all weve projected dm a child in a manger c lowly and small the weakest of all am am unlikeliest hero wrapped in his mothers shaw dm l dm just a child dm is this who weve waited fo g r c how many kings stepped down from their thrones am how many Lords have abandoned their homes dm how many greats have become the least for me g c how many Gods have poured out their hearts am to romance a world that has torn all apart dm how many fathers gave up their sons for m g e c bringing our gifts for the newborn savio am r am all that we have whether costly or meek dm because we believe c gold for his honor and frankincense for his pleasu am re am and myrrh for the cross hell suffer dm do you believe is this who weve waited fo g r g its who weve waited for g only one did that for a me f dm g x5 o g nly one did that for m c e am dm g c

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