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Jesus Messiah

Lyrics Of The Song Jesus Messiah

Song ID 53

g he became sin am who knew no sin that g b we might become his righ c teousness he g humbled himself and c am arried the cross g d love so amazi c ng g d love so amazi c ng Jesus me g ssiah name above c all names blessed red g eemer emmanuel dsus the rescue for si g nners the ransom from h c eaven Jesus me g b ssiah dsus Lord of al g l g his body the bread his b am lood the wine brok g b en and poured out a c ll for love the g whole earth trembled and t am he veil was torn g d love so amazi c ng g d love so amazi c ng am all our hope is in yo g b u c all our hope is in dsus you am all the glory to you g b God c the light of the dsus world g e Jesus messia g d h dsus Lord of al c l

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