Lyrics Of The Song Lamu

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here we are on a boat out on the sea off the coast of africa heading for peaceful shores with a cast of strangers to an island hideaway i hear you telling me of the place we soon will be a rebirth from lifes demise where the world is still its ideal anything you dream is real its hotel paradise and you say its nice when you run to lamu far away leave the pain far behind you hoping it wont find you lamu far away you say its there that you can run from the one inside of you so here we are on an island in the sea near the coast of africa and when its right lamu nights they can be so inviting heaven here on earth but here on earth but i hear you telling this is everything you need well i dont think its true cause the way you feel isnt real you attempt to try and fill the void thats digging thru and its killing you when you run to lamu far away tho that pain was behind you it can even find you in lamu far away because you never can run from the one inside of you

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