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Let The Waters Rise

Lyrics Of The Song Let The Waters Rise

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g dont know where to begin em its like my worlds caving in c2 and i tried but i c em ant control my f c2 ear where do i go from h g ere g sometimes its so hard to pray em you feel so far away c2 i am willing to g em o where you want me c2 to God i trust you em theres a raging s c2 ea right in front of m g e wants to pull me d f in bring me to my k em nees so let the waters r c2 ise if you want them g to i will follow y d f ou i will em follow c2 you i will follow y g ou d f g i will swim in the deep em cuz youll be next to me c2 youre in the eye of the s em torm and the calm of the s c2 ea youre never out of re g ach g God you know where ive been em you were there with me then c2 you were faithful be em fore youll be faithful ag c2 ain im holding your hand em God your love is en c2 ough you will pull me thro g ugh im holding o d f n to you em God your love is eno c2 ugh i will foll g ow you i will follow y d f ou

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