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Listen to Our Hearts

Lyrics Of The Song Listen to Our Hearts

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how do you c explain how do you g b describ g e a love that goes from c east to west a d nd runs and deep as it i g b s wide g you know all our c hopes Lord you know all ou g b r fea g rs and words cannot ex c press the love we feel b d ut we long for you t g o hear so listen to our c hearts hear our spirits g b sing a song of praise that c flows d from those you have re g b deemed g we will use the c words we know to d tell you what an g awesome d f God you em are but words are not e c nough to tell you of our l d ove so listen to our g b hearts g if words could fall like c rain from these lips of g b mine and if i had a c thousand years i d would still run out of t g ime so if you listen to c my heart every beat would g b say thank you for the l c ife thank you for the t d f ruth thank you for the w g ay but words are not e c nough to tell you of our d love so listen to our h g earts

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