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My Song is Love Unkown

Lyrics Of The Song My Song is Love Unkown

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my song is love unknown my saviours love to me love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be o who am i that for my sake my Lord should take frail flesh and die he came from his blessed throne salvation to bestow but men made strange and none the longed for christ would know but o my friend my friend indeed who at my need his life did spend sometimes they strew his way and his sweet praises sing resounding all the day hosannas to their king then crucify is all their breath and for his death they thirst and cry they rise and needs will have my dear Lord made away a murderer they save the prince of life they slay yet cheerful he to suffering goes that he his foes from thence might free in life no house no home my Lord on earth might have in death no friendly tomb but what a stranger gave what may i say heaven was his home and mine the tomb wherein he lay here might i stay and sing no story so divine never was love dear king never was grief like thine this is my friend in whose sweet praise i all my days could gladly spend

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