Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics O Lord I Sing with Lips and Heart

O Lord I Sing with Lips and Heart

Lyrics Of The Song O Lord I Sing with Lips and Heart

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rejoice my heart be glad and sing a cheerful trust maintain for God the source of everything thy portion shall remain he is thy treasure he thy joy thy life and light and Lord thy counselor when doubts annoy thy shield and great reward why spend the day in blank despair in restless thought the night on thy creator cast thy care he makes thy burdens light did not his love and truth and powr watch oer thy childhood day has he not oft in threatning hour turned dreaded ills away his wisdom never plans in vain neer falters or mistakes all that his counsels did ordain a happy ending makes upon thy lips then lay thy hand and trust his guiding love then like a rock thy peace shall stand here and in heavn above o Lord i sing with lips and heart joy of my soul to thee to earth thy knowledge i impart as it is known to me thou art the fount of grace i know and spring so full and free whence saving health and goodness flow each day so bounteously for what have all that live and move through this wide world below that does not from thy bounteous love o heavnly father flow who built the lofty firmament who spread thexpanse of blue by whom are to our pastures sent refreshing rain and dew who warmeth us in cold and frost who shields us from the wind who orders it that oil and must we in their season find who is it life and health bestows who keeps us with his hand in golden peace wards off wars woes from our dear native land o Lord of this and all our store thou art the author blest thou keepest watch before our door while we securely rest thou feedest us from year to year and constant dost abide with ready help in time of fear thou standest at our side he ever will with patience chide his rod falls gently down and all thy sins he casts aside and in the sea doth drown when silent woe thy bosom rends his pity sees thy grief supplies what to his glory tends and to thine own relief he knows how oft a christian weeps and why his tears now fall and in the book his mercy keeps these things are noted all our deepest needs dost thou supply thou givst what lasts for aye thou leadst us to our home on high when hence we pass away

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