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O Praise Him

Lyrics Of The Song O Praise Him

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g turn your ear to he d f aven and hear the n c oise inside g the sound of angels awe th d f e sound of angels songs c all this for a king am we could join and sing c all to christ the king d how constant h c ow divine t d his song of ours will r c ise d oh how constant how di c vine this love d of ours will rise will ri c se g o praise him d f o praise him em7 he is holy h c e is h am oly g turn your gaze to hea d f ven and raise a jo c yous noise g the sound of salvation come th d f e sound of rescued ones c all this for a king a am ngels join to sing all for c christ our king d how infinite and c sweet this d love so r c escuing d oh how infini c tely sweet this great lov d e that has redeemed as one c we sing g allelulia a d f llelulia he em7 is holy c he is am holy

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