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Over Cedron Jesus Treadeth

Lyrics Of The Song Over Cedron Jesus Treadeth

Song ID 1854

over kidron Jesus treadeth to his passion for us all every human eye be weeping tears of bitter grief let fall round his spirit flock the foes place their shafts and bend their bows aiming at the savior solely while the world forsakes him wholly david once with heart afflicted crossed the kidrons narrow strand clouds of gloom and grief about him when an exile from his land but o Jesus blacker now bends the cloud above thy brow hasting to deaths dreary portals for the shame and sin of mortals see how anguish struck he falleth prostrate and with struggling breath three times on his God he calleth praying that the bitter death and the cup of doom may go still he cries in all his woe not my will but thine o father and the angels round him gather see how in that hour of darkness battling with the evil powr agonies untold assail him on his soul the arrows showr all the garden flowrs are wet with the drops of bloody sweat from his anguished frame distilling worlds redemption thus fulfilling but o flowrs so sadly watered by this pure and precious dew in some blessed hour your blossoms neath the olive shadows grew edens garden did not bear aught that can with you compare for the blood thus freely given makes my soul the heir of heaven when as flowrs themselves i wither when i droop and fade like grass when the life streams through my pulses dull and ever duller pass when at last they cease to roll then to cheer my sinking soul grace of Jesus be thou given source of triumph pledge of heaven

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