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Second Chance

Lyrics Of The Song Second Chance

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g you called my name reached out your hand c restored my life and i was rede am7 emed the moment you entered my d life g amazing grace christ gave that day my l c ife was changed when from my should am7 ers fell the weight of my d sin so its with everything i am g i reach out for your ha d nd the hope for cha em7 nge the second chance ive gai c ned on you i throw my li g fe casting all my fears asi d de how could greater love than th em7 is ever possibly exi c st c g onsume my thoughts as i rest in yo c u im now in love with a sav am7 iour bear am7 ing the marks of his love c so ill wa g it upon you now with my ha d nds released to you where a lit em7 tle faiths enough to see moun c tains lift and move and ill wa g it upon you now dedica d ted to your will to this lo em7 ve that will remain a lov c e that never fails

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