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response na zelaka yo eh oh i wait for you x tongo na pokwa eh oh from morning till evening butu na moyi day and night na zelaka yo shilo i wait for you shiloh response na lingaka yo eh oh i love you na lingaka yo Yesu eh x2 oh i love you Jesus bolingo ya bomuana Yesu loved you since my youth Jesus na lingaka yo Yesu eh oh i love your Jesus otalaka mitema Yesu you search the hearts Jesus verifiez ya Ngai Yesu eh search mine too Jesus okuta bolingo eh so that you would find love response to fanda elongo eh oh stay with me to fanda elongo yaya x2 stay together with me pembeni na yo eh oh close together with you mayi na bomoyi eh oh life giving water to fanda elongo papa shilo eh oh stay with me father father shiloh to fanda na biso stay together with me response nazala ya yo eh oh i belong to you nazala ya yo Yesu papa shilo Yesu i belong to you Jesus shiloh Jesus basusu bateka molimo eh oh others have sold their souls basusu basimba kisi eh oh others worshiped the devil yotema kasi na Ngai but you are my strength nazala ya yo eh and i belong to you response bolingo na yo eh oh your love yo nde bolingo na Ngai you are my love bolingo ebimisa nga tongo tongo love that got me up early n the morning bolingo elamusa nga 3 du matin love that got me up for early morning service eh bolingo na Yesu eh the love of Jesus bolingo ebimisa nga retard the love that made me late bolingo oyo elalisa nga libanda love that made me sleep outside bolingo oyo ekata nga ba pongi love that kept me awake


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