Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics Still – You’re Beautiful Medley

Still – You’re Beautiful Medley

Lyrics Of The Song Still – You’re Beautiful Medley

Song ID 1167

c hide g b me am now und f er d f your g wings c e cover fmaj7 me with dm7 in your mighty h g and when the oceans f rise and t g hunders c roar i will soar with f you a g bove the am storm father you are k f a ing o g b ver the f csus4 lood c i will be sti f ll know yo g u are c God find r c est g b my s am oul in ch f rist d f alone g c e know his p f ower in q dm7 uietness and t g rust i will be s f till k g now yo c u are God c i see you there ha f nging on a tree you ble am d and then you died and g then you rose again for me c now you are sitting on yo f ur heavenly throne soo am n we will be coming ho g me youre beautiful c c when we arrive at f eternitys shore where d am eath is just a memory a g nd tears are no more c well enter in as the wed f ding bells ring you am r bride will come toge g ther and well sing you c re beautiful

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