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Things Left Unsaid

Lyrics Of The Song Things Left Unsaid

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am its just a matter of time a few days a g go i saw you you were fine rememberin f g what you said about the book you read the on g e i got you the begining of the end am oh how we talked for hours upon end g what i would give just to do it again you f r lying there in this hospital bed wont you open g your eyes and lets talk once again am if you fly away tonight g i wanna tell f you that i love you i hope that you can hear m dm e i h e ope that you can feel m am e if you fly away tonight g i wanna tell you that im sorry f that i never told dm you when we w e ere face to face am am well ive been here all night and im watching g you breathe in and breathe out is i f t really you or just a machine thats g g iving you life and making it seem that there c am ould be hope i could say it to your face if i g t werent for you that there would be no grace thats c f overed my life you took th g e time to speak into my mind and my heart words of life so goodbye for n dm ow and ill see you again some way somehow c when its my turn to go to the other side ill e hold you again and melt at your smile f now all i have are the ones that im with and y dm ou taught me not to take for granted the ti c me that we have to show that we care speak int e e e o their mi e nds and their hearts while theyre here and say i love you

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