Lyrics Of The Song Unashamed

Song ID 3935

i a2 have not mu bsus4 ch to offe c m7 r you not nea a2 r what you d bsus4 eserve c m7 but sti a2 ll i c bsus4 ome becaus c m7 e your cross has pl a2 aced in me my bsus4 worth e oh chr a2 ist my king o bsus4 f sympathy c m7 whose wound a2 s secure our p bsus4 eace c m7 your grac a2 e extends bsus4 to call me c m7 friend your merc a2 y sets m bsus4 e free e and i know a2 im weak bsus4 i c m7 know im unworthy to ca a2 ll upo bsus4 n your name c m7 but be a2 cause of grace bsus4 beca c m7 use of your mercy i s a2 tand here un bsus4 ashame e d i a2 cant expl bsus4 ain this ki c m7 nd of love im hu a2 mbled and am bsus4 azed c m7 that you a2 d come down f bsus4 rom heavens h c m7 eights and gree a2 t me face t bsus4 o face c m7 here i am e at your feet a2 in my brokenn bsus4 ess complete a2


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