Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics Undying Love

Undying Love

Lyrics Of The Song Undying Love

Song ID 202

a my ears had e heard of you a now i have e seen a this e bitter sweetness in a your e agony a my heart e was far from you but a you drew me e near g m with loving c m kindness a dried every e tear cause i can s b ee you bearing all my c m shame on the a cross i can b hear you cry out g it is c m done a o b Jesus your sacrifice was c m more than enough in your amaj7 death i see a undying e love a e a my heart is e broken and im a down on my e knees a to se e e my savior sufferin a g for e me a but you e descended lif a ting me e up g m washing my c m feet a filling my e cup und a ying e love a undying e love

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