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We Walk As Lions

Lyrics Of The Song We Walk As Lions

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today we live today we breathe today we know that we are strong when we are weak today we trust we overcome take every chain that kept us slaves and throw em off were not waiting for permission we defy our inhibition like our middle name is fearless unafraid if were gonna fly we fly like eagles arms out wide if were gonna fear we fear no evil we will rise by your power we will go by your spirit we are bold if were gonna stand we stand as giants if were gonna walk we walk as lions we walk as lions today is ours its always been before we face the fight we know whos gonna win we live by faith and not by sight we dont want safe and quiet we dont wanna run and hide this is not an intermission its our time not gonna miss it youve already called us fearless unafraid oh everywhere we go the battle has been won we know youve gone before us so we take it hard in faith with every step we take we know well rise victorious

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