Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics When We All Get To Heaven

When We All Get To Heaven

Lyrics Of The Song When We All Get To Heaven

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a sing the wondrous love of Jesus e7 sing his mercy and his a grace a in the mansions d bright and blessed a hell pre e7 pare for us a a place when we a all get to heaven what a day of re b7 joicing that will e7 be when we a all see d Jesus well a sing and e7 shout the victo a ry a while we walk the pilgrim pathway e7 clouds will over spread the a sky a but when travelling d days are over a not a e7 shadow not a a sigh a let us then be true and faithful e7 trusting serving every a day a just one glimpse of d him in glory a will the e7 toils of life re a pay a onward to the prize before us e7 soon his beauty well be a hold a soon the pearly d gates will open a we shall e7 tread the streets of a gold

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