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You People Who Now Are Baptized

Lyrics Of The Song You People Who Now Are Baptized

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you people who now are baptized Gods gracious love surrounds you by christs name youre now recognized ponder what happened to you whose work was it which fashioned you whose inborn nature that he slew when you first gained his promise before held in your mothers arm from your time of conception quite hostile to the laws alarms let there be no deception a sinner born of sinners seed still God himself for you would bleed he took on flesh to save you your soul and body turned within sin filled you like a poison concern for neighbor paperthin Gods love was simply foreign then raised by God the Lord of life to glow in his eternal light your robe of white is gleaming the majesty that terrifies was all Gods presence brought you your fault you could not rectify anxiety consumed you a slave of sin and satan held trapped in a prison bound for hell death was your only future then washed clean in this holy flood the water of baptism instilled faith in christs holy blood brought to the fathers kingdom your heart rebuilt within your breast new nature filled with righteousness your every sin forgiven it washes all your sins away and makes you pure and holy hells hold on you was lost that day Gods freedom for the lowly you are now truly Gods dear child an heir of heaven undefiled with crown to cast before him your nature lost in adams fall corrupt through generations refreshed now in the waterfall a perfect new creation the death of death before your eyes Gods power must be recognized hells demons lie defeated now we can gladly draw to christ and boldly ask his blessing because of Jesus sacrifice our sins upon him pressing the father looks on us and sees christs holiness and his good deeds white robes givn by his merit this holy bath what powr displays what wondrous grace filled cleansing none on their own can eer appraise the value of their raising the word of God in simple form can calm the tempest and the storm it brings peace to your spirit plain water cannot wash our sin nor clean our inward spirit but water with Gods promise can bring all the father wills it the water that floods over you from Gods command has strength imbued his name is placed upon you too precious to repay somehow just grateful thanks we offer christs work has been delivered now to you through word and water nothing but christs atoning work in you could kill deaths ugly smirk youre now refreshed and holy now gladly live as Gods dear child proclaim to all his gospel shine to the world be undefiled a beacon to all people till called home to eternal joy with new song that well all employ to cast our crowns before him

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