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Beauty Of The Cross

Lyrics Of The Song Beauty Of The Cross

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g at the cross i find the beauty of the your matchless grace em at the cross i see a king who died to take my place cadd9 its the moment that you made me clean and pardoned my s g oul g amazing grace that i would be alive unto your throne em not by my own will but solely by your will alone cadd9 im unworthy of this love you are showing to dsus4 me cadd9 i see my desperate need the g beauty of the cross is that theres one who has redeemed my soul the em beauty of the cross is that im finally free and letting go the cadd9 beauty of the cross is that your dsus4 grace has found me just as i a g m g not by my own words that i may boast or i may come em but simply through your son the sinless and exalted one cadd9 only through the cross am i made clean to draw near to g you g saved so that you would receive all glory due your name em everlasting God from age to age you never change cadd9 a true love story remains for all eternity dsus4 cadd9 that all the world would see my si em nful soul could only be red c eemed by the blood of a sinless king so you c em ame to the world that you had made conquered s c in on the cross and you rose from the dsus4 grave

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