Lyrics Of The Song Rediscover

Song ID 2027

g i need to just admit my faith is cadd9 papert g hin im feeling so burned cadd9 out on reli d gion g i say an empty prayer i sing a cadd9 tired s g ong i need to just ad cadd9 mit that the pa d ssions gone am7 and i c want to get it d back em you t cadd9 old me lo g ok for you and i d will find em so im h cadd9 ere like im s g earching for the f d irst time em rev cadd9 ive me j g esus make this c d old heart s am7 tart to move h c elp me redisc d over you em cadd9 g d 2x g i want to learn to pray the way that cadd9 david g prayed i want my soul to cadd9 burn when i d hear your g name i want to feel like cadd9 new i want to d hunger for g you bring me back to cadd9 life like only d you can am7 do cause i dont c want to stay the d same Lord i d f want to be yours em today i want to d f know the passions cadd9 of the saints and how am7 they were changed em cadd9 g d 2x c i want to b am7 urn for you c bring me am7 back to life Jesus c help me redi d scover g you

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