Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice

Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice

Lyrics Of The Song Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice

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dear christians one and all rejoice with exultation springing and with united heart and voice and holy rapture singing proclaim the wonders God hath done how his right arm the victry won right dearly it hath cost him fast bound in satans chains i lay death brooded darkly oer me sin was my torment night and day therein my mother bore me deeper and deeper still i fell life was become a living hell so firmly sin possessed me my good works could avail me naught for they with sin were stainéd freewill against Gods judgment fought and dead to good remainéd grief drove me to despair and i had nothing left me but to die to hell i fast was sinking God saw in his eternal grace my sorrow out of measure he thought upon his tenderness to save was his good pleasure he turnd to me a fathers heart not small the cost to heal my smart he gave his best and dearest he spake to his beloved son tis time to take compassion then go bright jewel of my crown and bring to man salvation from sin and sorrow set him free slay bitter death for him that he may live with thee forever the son delighted to obey and born of virgin mother awhile on this low earth did stay that he might be my brother his mighty power he hidden bore a servants form like mine he wore to bind the devil captive to me he spake cling fast to me thoult win a triumph worthy i wholly give myself for thee i strive and wrestle for thee for i am thine thou mine also and where i am thou art the foe shall never more divide us for he shall shed my precious blood me of my life bereaving all this i suffer for thy good be steadfast and believing my life from death the day shall win my righteousness shall bear thy sin so art thou blest forever now to my father i depart from earth to heaven ascending thence heavenly wisdom to impart the holy spirit sending he shall in trouble comfort thee teach thee to know and follow me and to the truth conduct thee what i have done and taught do thou to do and teach endeavor so shall my kingdom flourish now and God be praised forever take heed lest men with base alloy the heavenly treasure should destroy this counsel i bequeath thee

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