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Glorious Ruins

Lyrics Of The Song Glorious Ruins

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when the moun e tains fall and the tempest ro b ars you are with c m me a when cre e ation falls still my soul will s b oar on your c m mercy ill w a alk through the fire with my h e ead lifted high and my sp c m irit revived in your st b ory ill lo a ok to the cross as my f c m ailure is lost in the lig e ht of your glorious gr b ace let the ruins come to l e ife in the beauty of your n a ame rising up from the a e shes God forever you r b eign and my soul will find r c m efuge in the shadow of your w a ings i will love you for e ever and forever ill s b ing when the wo e rld caves in still my hope will cl b ing to your pr c m omise a when my cou e rage ends let my heart find str b ength in your p c m resence

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