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Glory To God

Lyrics Of The Song Glory To God

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a before the w d2 orld was a2 made b esus efore you spoke it to be a you were the kin d2 g of kings yea a2 h you were y esus eah you were a and now youre reigni d2 ng still enth a2 roned abov esus e all things a c angels and sain d2 ts cry out we a2 join them as esus we sing d2 glory to God a2 g esus lory to go f m7 d d2 glory to God a2 fore esus ver d2 a2 esus f m7 d2 a2 esus a creato d2 r God you gave m a2 e breat esus h so i could praise a your great and matc d2 hless name al a2 l my days esus all my days a so let my wh d2 ole life b a2 e a blazing esus offering a a life that d2 shouts and a2 sings t esus he greatness of our king d2 take my life and let it b a2 e all for esus you and for your gl f m7 ory d2 take my life and let it b a2 e yours esus

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