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Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Lyrics Of The Song Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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a great is thy e faithfulness d o God my a father d there is no a shadow of b7 turning with e thee e7 thou changest a not thy com a7 passions they d fail not bm7 as thou hast a been thou for d ever e will a be e great is thy a faithfulness f great is thy bm faithfulness e morning by a morning new b7 mercies i e see e7 all i have a needed thy a7 hands hath pro d vided b7 great is thy a faithfulness d Lord un e to a me a summer and e winter and d springtime and a harvest d sun moon and a stars in their b7 courses a e bove e7 join with all a nature in a7 manifold d witness bm7 to thy great a faithfulness d mercy e and a love a pardon for e sin and a d peace that en a dureth d thy own dear a presence to b7 cheer and to e guide e7 strength for to a day and bright a7 hope for to d morrow bm7 blessings all a mine with ten d thousands e be a side

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