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Jesus, Thy Boundless Love To Me

Lyrics Of The Song Jesus, Thy Boundless Love To Me

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Jesus thy boundless love to me no thought can reach no tongue declare unite my thankful heart with thee and reign without a rival there to thee alone dear Lord i live myself to thee dear Lord i give o grant that nothing in my soul may dwell but thy pure love alone oh may thy love possess me whole my joy my treasure and my crown all coldness from my heart remove my every act word thought be love o love how cheering is thy ray all pain before thy presence flies care anguish sorrow melt away whereer thy healing beams arise o Jesus nothing may i see nothing desire or seek but thee this love unwearied i pursue and dauntlessly to thee aspire oh may thy love my hope renew burn in my soul like heavnly fire and day and night be all my care to guard this sacred treasure there my savior thou thy love to me in shame in want in pain hast showed for me on the accursed tree thou pourest forth thy guiltless blood thy wounds upon my heart impress nor aught shall the lovd stamp efface more hard than marble is my heart and foul with sins of deepest stain but thou the mighty savior art nor flowed thy cleansing blood in vain ah soften melt this rock and may thy blood wash all these stains away o that i as a little child may follow thee and never rest till sweetly thou hast breathed thy mild and lowly mind into my breast nor ever may we parted be till i become as one with thee still let thy love point out my way how wondrous things thy love hath wrought still lead me lest i go astray direct my word inspire my thought and if i fall soon may i hear thy voice and know that love is near in suffering be thy love my peace in weakness be thy love my power and when the storms of life shall cease Jesus in that important hour in death as life be thou my guide and save me who for me hast died

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