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A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

Lyrics Of The Song A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

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a lamb goes uncomplaining forth the guilt of all men bearing and laden with the sins of earth none else the burden sharing goes patient on grow weak and faint to slaughter led without complaint that spotless life to offer bears shame and stripes and wounds and death anguish and mockery and saith willing all this i suffer this lamb is christ the souls great friend the lamb of God our savior him God the father chose to send to gain for us his favor go forth my son the father saith and free men from the fear of death from guilt and condemnation the wrath and stripes are hard to bear but by thy passion men shall share the fruit of thy salvation yea father yea most willingly ill bear what thou commandest my will conforms to thy decree i do what thou demandest o wondrous love what hast thou done the father offers up his son the son content descendeth o love how strong thou art to save thou beddest him within the grave whose word the mountains rendeth thou layst him love upon the cross with nails and spear him bruising thou slayst him as a lamb his loss from soul and body oozing from body tis the crimson flood of precious sacrificial blood from soul the strength of anguish my gain it is sweet lamb to thee what can i give whose love to me for me doth make thee languish Lord all my life ill cleave to thee thy love foreer beholding thee ever as thou ever me with loving arms enfolding yea thou shalt be my beaconlight to guide me safe through deaths dark night and cheer my heart in sorrow henceforth myself and all thats mine to thee my savior i consign from whom all things i borrow from morn till eve my theme shall be thy mercys wondrous measure to sacrifice myself for thee shall be my aim and pleasure my stream of life shall ever be a current flowing ceaselessly thy constant praise outpouring ill treasure in my memory o Lord all thou hast done for me thy gracious love adoring enlarge my hearts own shrine and swell to thee shall now be given a treasure that doth far excel the worth of earth and heaven away with the arabian gold with treasures of an earthly mold ive found a better jewel my priceless treasure Lord my God is thy most holy precious blood which flowed from wounds so cruel this treasure ever ill employ this every aid shall yield me in sorrow it shall be my joy in conflict it shall shield me in joy the music of my feast and when all else has lost its zest this manna still shall feed me in thirst my drink in want my food my company in solitude to comfort and to lead me of death i am no more afraid new life from thee is flowing thy cross affords me cooling shade when noondays sun is glowing when by my grief i am oppressed on thee my weary soul shall rest serenely as on pillows thou art my anchor when by woe my bark is driven to and fro on troubles surging billows and when thy glory i shall see and taste thy kingdoms pleasure thy blood my royal robe shall be my joy beyond all measure when i appear before thy throne thy righteousness shall be my crown with these i need not hide me and there in garments richly wrought as thine own bride i shall be brought to stand in joy beside thee

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