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O Holy Spirit, Enter In

Lyrics Of The Song O Holy Spirit, Enter In

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o holy spirit enter in and in our hearts thy work begin thy temple deign to make us sun of the soul thou light divine around and in us brightly shine to joy and gladness wake us that we to thee truly living to thee giving prayer unceasing may in love be still increasing give to thy word impressive powr that in our hearts from this good hour as fire it may be glowing that we confess the father son and thee the spirit three in one thy glory ever showing stay thou guide now our souls ever that they never may forsake thee but by faith their refuge make thee thou fountain whence all wisdom flows which God on pious hearts bestows grant us thy consolation that in our pure faiths unity we faithful witnesses may be of grace that brings salvation hear us cheer us by thy teaching let our preaching and our labor praise thee Lord and serve our neighbor left to ourselves we shall but stray o lead us on the narrow way with wisest counsel guide us and give us steadfastness that we may ever faithful prove to thee whatever woes betide us Lord now heal thou all hearts broken and betoken thou art near us whom we trust to light and cheer us thy heavnly strength sustain our heart that we may act the valiant part with thee as our reliance be thou our refuge and our shield that we may never quit the field but stand in bold defiance descend defend from all errors and earths terrors thy salvation be our constant consolation o mighty rock o source of life let thy dear word mid doubt and strife be so within us burning that we be faithful unto death in thy pure love and holy faith from thee true wisdom learning thy grace and peace on us shower by thy power christ confessing let us win our saviors blessing o gentle dew from heavn now fall with powr upon the hearts of all thy tender love instilling that heart to heart more closely bound fruitful in kindly deeds be found the law of love fulfilling the Lord discord shall not grieve thee we recieve thee where thou livest peace and love and joy thou givest grant that our days while life shall last in purest holiness be passed be thou our strength forever grant that our hearts henceforth be free from sinful lust and vanity which us from thee must sever keep thou pure now from offenses heart and senses blessed spirit let us heavenly life inherit

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