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I wanna be rooted

Lyrics Of The Song I wanna be rooted

Song ID 2028

mafunso ku paka does any body have an answer so many views and opinions ni funo nkalako na yanga in the search for the truth i turn to the news but its now propaganda elo mutola nkhani kwene atola nkhani banamu shinka butter so i am a new kind of hunter my only weapon is the word and i am searching for my purpose before i go under due to lack of understanding programmed and branded to thrive on hunder using your brother as a ladder to climb and it really dont matter whatever gets them to the millions faster right i wanna take a drink of that water so i never thirst from a source thats beyond measure wanna have new birth wanna tap into that treasure and spread its wealth on earth nifuno kula mizu mizu mizu i wanna be rooted wamene ama imba na passion mwamene inlili no corruption malonda wapa ziko kamwa ndiye nkoli pamwamba pa Yesu no fly zone we a christ nation end story weather you are tonga bemba lenje or lozi ndi mutima imo tili pamozi monga pamene tina zimya ku gabon ni punziseni mo owninga not ku sebenzela bena no no ever wonder why we always seem to slave for a foreigner tili gone nama ntongo innovation creation that is the key theories alone dont supply a need lack of creativity high on degrees dambisa moyo gave us a seed you either follow or you lead i choose the latter coss i need ku washa manja and take a seat if i would like to eat with kings its not the tree it is the root thats why we bearing all the wrong fruit with no apologies i wanna re introduce pompi now with a righteous persuit

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