Ibada Lyrics ibada_lyrics Lo, God To Heav’n Ascendeth

Lo, God To Heav’n Ascendeth

Lyrics Of The Song Lo, God To Heav’n Ascendeth

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lo God to heavn ascendeth throughout its regions vast with shouts triumphant blendeth the trumpets thrilling blast sing praise to christ the Lord sing praise with exultation king of each heathen nation the God of hosts adored with joy is heavn resounding christs glad return to see behold the saints surrounding the Lord who set them free bright myriads thronging come the cherub band rejoices and loud seraphic voices welcome messiah home no more the way is hidden since christ our head arose no more to man forbidden the road to heavn that goes our Lord is gone before yet here he will not leave us and soon in heavn receive us and open wide the door christ is our place preparing to heavn we too shall rise and joys angelic sharing be where our treasure lies there may each heart be found where Jesus christ has entered there let our hope be centered our course still heavnward bound may we his servants thither in heart and mind ascend and let us sing together we seek thee christ our friend thee Gods exalted son our life and way to heaven to whom all powr is given our joy and hope and crown farewell with all thy treasures o world to falsehood givn thy dross gives no true pleasures we seek the joys of heavn the savior is our prize he comforts us in sadness and fills our hearts with gladness to him we lift our eyes when on our vision dawning will break the wished for hour of that all glorious morning when christ shall come with power o come thou welcome day when we our savior meeting his second advent greeting shall hail the heavn sent ray

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