Lyrics Of The Song Magi

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e get one lady her name na magi she came to the church to give magi 2x which kind magi be that e ooo white magi no yellow magi no brown magi no ok na which magi 2 let God be mangnified e ooo magi magnified e oooo 4 you are the almighty God agbadagbururu miracle worker na your name o when u say yes is yes your no na your no no one dey like uooo magnify the Lord with me lets exhort his name together for the things e dey do for me and you dey sweet our body eagles let him hear u say na you be the ogbonge stand still papa na u be the king of kings na u be the Lord of Lords everlasting father ancient of days nobody be like you let God be magnified eoo magi magnified eooo 4x i stand amaze at the things you do you never change and your love is true that is why my heart always pants for you bcos you have done what no one else would do everybody everybody come and join me dance magnify the Lord with me bcos he has done me well the goodness of the Lord dey make me want to testify ezebube greatking bianarekele eagles let him hear you eledumare abasibomkenyo you are the most high God ogwokogwoko1 agunechemba 1 osinawataburogharanya somebody anybody magnify let God be mangified eooo magi maginfied e ooo 4 adlib for all the things he has done for all the battles won he changed my life join me say we kobiruo 3 come and magnify magnify the Lord with me he is done marvelous things 2 wegbehako ghene me lets dance for our God magi magnified eoooooo 16x

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