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My Soul, Now Bless Thy Maker

Lyrics Of The Song My Soul, Now Bless Thy Maker

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my soul now praise thy maker let all within me bless his name who maketh thee partaker of mercies more than thou darst claim forget him not whose meekness still bears with all thy sin who healeth all thy weakness renews thy life within whose grace and care are endless and saved thee through the past who leaves no suffrer friendless but rights the wronged at last he shows to man his treasure of judgment truth and righteousness his love beyond all measure his yearning pity oer distress nor treats us as we merit but lays his anger by the humble contrite spirit finds his compassion nigh and high as heavn above us as break from close of day so far since he doth love us he puts our sins away for as a tender father hath pity on his children here he in his arms will gather all who are his in childlike fear he knows how frail our powers who but from dust are made we flourish like the flowers and even so we fade the wind but oer them passes and all their bloom is oer we wither like the grasses our place knows us no more Gods grace alone endureth and childrens children yet shall prove how he with strength assureth the hearts of all that seek his love in heavn is fixed his dwelling his rule is over all angels in might excelling bright hosts before him fall praise him who ever reigneth all ye who hear his word nor our poor hymns disdaineth my soul o praise the Lord

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