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Ni liti ni liti

Lyrics Of The Song Ni liti ni liti

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x2 ni liti ni liti when when uza ka ina liti when will you get fat i tell them wait and see dont need your vacancy tools of the trade brown envelopes your honesty is gona make you broke i quote what are my options murder she wrote jezebel corruption in what she spoke chorus x2 i can see you put makeup on your broken system system yeah biters fakers try to silence the truth that i sing in your image and your likeness you want me to sell out to get access ama never beg your pardon money power made your heart harden chorus x2 i dont want to eat from your table no thank you offer a relief in exchange of my virtue and my birth right did i hear right your temptations are death but they feel right ve upika mukula ndiye nkuni what you cook mukula is your firewood the luxury look your fantasy can never fool me its sad to see that you can buy a soul for chitenje fabric and the media is your tool to control the masses create the hazard then you sell the cure you vilify and crucify the pure you fear resurrection i am sure but were going to live forever through the temporary we endure to taste heaven i am an a connoisseur my Gods going to set the table not yal hollywood or any record label though i can spit the ether funsa mirror pa chiumba bakali ndife ask the mirror on the wall we are the strong ones truth going mainstream its the glory season

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