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Of The Father’s Love Begotten

Lyrics Of The Song Of The Father’s Love Begotten

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of the fathers love begotten ere the worlds began to be he is alpha and omega he the source the ending he of the things that are that have been and that future years shall see evermore and evermore at his word they were created he commanded it was done heavn and earth and depths of ocean in their threefold order one all that grows beneath the shining of the moon and burning sun evermore and evermore he is found in human fashion death and sorrow here to know that the race of adams children doomed by law to endless woe may not henceforth die and perish in the dreadful gulf below evermore and evermore oh that birth forever bless├Ęd when the virgin full of grace by the holy ghost conceiving bare the savior of our race and the babe the worlds redeemer first revealed his sacred face evermore and evermore o ye heights of heavn adore him angel hosts his praises sing powrs dominions bow before him and extol our God and king let no tongue on earth be silent every voice in concert ring evermore and evermore

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