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Our Father in the Heaven Who Art

Lyrics Of The Song Our Father in the Heaven Who Art

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our father thou in heavn above who biddest us to dwell in love as brethren of one family to cry in evry need to thee teach us no thoughtless word to say but from our inmost heart to pray thy name be hallowed help us Lord in purity to keep thy word that to the glory of thy name we walk before thee free from blame let no false doctrine us pervert all poor deluded souls convert thy kingdom come thine let it be in time and in eternity let thy good spirit eer be nigh our hearts with graces to supply break satans powr defeat his rage preserve thy church from age to age thy gracious will on earth be done as tis in heavn before thy throne obedience in our weal and woe and patience in all grief bestow curb flesh and blood and evry ill that sets itself against thy will give us this day our daily bread and let us all be clothed and fed from war and strife be our defense from famine and from pestilence that we may live in Godly peace free from all care and avarice

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