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PSALM – Psalms

Lyrics Of The Song PSALM – Psalms

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try on your love like a new dress the fit and the cut your friends to impress try on your smile square on your face showing affection should be no disgrace try out your God hope he will send kindness from strangers on whom you depend try on his coat a mantle most fine myriad colors his harmony thine believe in me once seemed a good line now belief in Jesus is faith more sublime head in the clouds but i cant see the Lord short of perfection ill try to be good ill stand at his gate ill wait for his sign then ill walk in his garden when its my time drink from his cup hush now dont you cry his quiet waters will never never run dry nearing deaths vale hes here by my side he leads me to paradise a mountain so high dont be afraid just treasure his word singing his praises i know that ill be heard hes gonna take you by the hand hes gonna make you feel so good open up your eyes and then youll see all that you should forget all your troubles you will feel no pain hes all that you need hes your everything when im feeling all at sea deliverance is that distant shore i will not be worried someday his house will be my home for ever more

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