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Reasons – Bless The Lord

Lyrics Of The Song Reasons – Bless The Lord

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bless the c Lord o my g soul d f o my em soul c worship his ho g ly na dsus4 me d sing like c never bef em ore c o d my em soul ill c worship your ho d ly name c g g c g g the c sun comes g up its a n d ew day d em awning c its time to g sing your son d g agai em n c whatever may g pass and whate d ver lies bef em ore me c2 let me be s g inging when the e dsus4 ven i d ng g come gsus4 s g youre c rich in g love and youre d slow to a em nger your n c ame is g g reat and your h d eart is ki em nd for c all your g goodness i will d keep on em singing c2 ten thousand g reasons for my dsus4 heart d to g find gsus4 g and c on that g day when my d strength is f em ailing the c end draws g near and my d time has c em ome c still my g soul will sing your d praise un em ending c2 ten thousand g years and then for dsus4 evermor d e g for gsus4 evermo g re Lord il c l worship you d r holy n g ame

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