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The Old Rugged Cross

Lyrics Of The Song The Old Rugged Cross

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on a a hill far away stood an d old rugged cross the e7 emblem of suffring and a shame and i a love that old cross where the d dearest and best for a e7 world of lost sinners was a slain so ill e7 cherish the old rugged a cross till my d trophies at last i lay a down i will a cling to the old rugged d cross and ex a change it some e7 day for a a crown oh that a old rugged cross so de d spised by the world has a e7 wondrous attraction for a me for the a dear lamb of God left his a glory above to e7 bear it to dark calva a ry in the a old rugged cross stained with d blood so divine a e7 wondrous beauty i a see for twas a on that old cross Jesus d suffered and died to e7 pardon and sanctify a me to the a old rugged cross i will d ever be true its e7 shame and reproach gladly a bear then hell a call me some day to my d home far away where his e7 glory forever ill a share

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