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Come Thou Fount

Lyrics Of The Song Come Thou Fount

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come thou d fount of every a blessing tune my g heart to sing thy d grace streams of d mercy never a ceasing call for g songs of loudest d praise teach me d some melodious a sonnet sung by g flaming tongues d above praise the d mount im fixed u a pon it mount of g thy redeeming d love here i d raise mine ebe a nezer hither g by thy great help i d come and i d hope by thy good a pleasure safely g to arrive at d home Jesus d sought me when a a stranger wandering g from the fold of d God he to d rescue me from a danger inter g posed his precious d blood oh to d grace how great a a debtor daily g im constrained to d be let thy d goodness like a a fetter bind my g wandering heart to d thee prone to d wander Lord i a feel it prone to g leave the God i d love heres my d heart oh take and a seal it seal it g for thy courts a d bove heres my heart oh take and seal it seal it for thy courts above

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