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Harvest Time

Lyrics Of The Song Harvest Time

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i look and see earths golden riches the hording mob for selfish gain the toil of hands for ease and comfort i look again and see the falling golden grain harvest time harvest time the saviors calling the grain is falling oh do not wait its growing late behold the field is white its harvest time say not four months then comes the harvest for ripe that grain ready to yield work while its day for night is coming lift up thine eyes and see Gods needy harvest field and when i stand before the maker and give account for what ive done may i then hear him saying to me well done my servant you the crown have won oh do not sleep while souls are dying awake arise theres much to do at any price seek hard to win them and then im sure therell be a crown for you i prayed a prayer help me be faithful in all my work for christ the king to never waste a precious moment then when at last ill all my trophies to him bring

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