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Lord, I Believe

Lyrics Of The Song Lord, I Believe

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when sorrow and storms are besetting my track and satan is whispering youd better turn back how oft i have proved it though dark be the way a little believing drives clouds all away Lord i believe Lord i believe saviour raise my faith in thee till it can move a mountain Lord i believe Lord i believe all my doubts are buried in the fountain how easy when sailing the sea in a calm to trust in the strength of jehovahs great arm but somehow i find when the waves swamp the boat it takes some believing to keep things a float ill stand to the end i have heard people say ill fight till i die and will never run away but when by temptation so fiercely assailed they left off believing and terribly failed and others there are full of courage and zeal who go to the battle like warriors of steel but right in the heat of the conflict with sin instead of believing they faint and give in then let us remember in running this race that faith is not feeling and trust is not trace and when all around us seems dark as the night well keep believing and win in the fight

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