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All Depends On Our Possessing

Lyrics Of The Song All Depends On Our Possessing

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all depends on our possessing Gods abundant grace and blessing though all earthly wealth depart he who trusts with faith unshaken in his God is not forsaken and eer keeps a dauntless heart he who hitherto hath fed me and to many joys hath led me is and ever shall be mine he who did so gently school me he who still doth guide and rule me will remain my help divine many spend their lives in fretting over trifles and in getting things that have no solid ground i shall strive to win a treasure that will bring me lasting pleasure and that now is seldom found when with sorrow i am stricken hope my heart anew will quicken all my longing shall be stilled to his loving kindness tender soul and body i surrender for in him alone i build well he knows what best to grant me all the longing hopes that haunt me joy and sorrow have their day i shall doubt his wisdom never as God wills so be it ever i to him commit my way if on earth my days he lengthen he my weary soul will strengthen all my trust in him i place earthly wealth is not abiding like a stream away is gliding safe i anchor in his grace

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